The Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of A Meeting at the Well is to provide a transparent safe space for my mind and for likeminded individuals seeking Jesus Christ in a darkening world.

The brand name A Meeting at the Well originates from the story of the Samaritan woman meeting Jesus Christ at Jacob’s Well in John Chapter 4. The woman was the scorn of the town. She already had the reputation of being the town’s harlot (having three other men previously), yet Jesus forsook Jews and Samaritan custom to speak to this woman about the promised Messiah.

It was this single conversation that changed this woman’s life. The Son of God, the promised Messiah was speaking to her in the flesh and it was this encounter propelling her to tell all the other townsfolk who and where He was. We like the Samaritan woman have all or will be written off by our family, friends, spouse doomed to live a sinful existence. But Jesus is so amazing to meet us where we at and lead us to where He wants and needs us to be.

It is my hope, my ongoing story provides encouragment and hope and much needed sound doctrine to an otherwise glory hungry world.

I am an English teacher and bible scholar; an African American MSU graduate and a lover of literature, art, and film. On my best days, I am the preceding list and on my worst days I am severely depressed, moody, lazy, and a complainer, but on all days I am child of God; a work in progress; perfectly imperfect.

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