Sometimes, I always hound the Lord, asking Him, “When? When, Lord is it my turn? When is it the turn of my family to be blessed and get what they deserve.” I have learned to catch myself in these discouraging and often, one-sided talespins. I also call them nasty spots. Nasty spots are rough patches in our lives which lead us to wallow in self pity and envy. They occur when we do not get the promotion we wanted or needed; when after years of dedicated service we’re left unemployed and jobeless; when after giving our lives to someone we loved so dearly, the person shatters our hopes and breaks our hearts.

These rough patches are always there, reminding us of their presence, yet we only feel them when circumstances are not favorable. These rough patches hit below the belt and create discontentment towards the Lord. In regards to my family, there are some prayers the Lord consistently answers with the word, “wait.” Many of you have been in this season too. Some friends of mine wait for healing of mental illnesses, cancer, and seek cures for rare medicial conditions. Some older women friends of mine are single and struggle to reconcile a loving God and an empty place for the man of their household.

If you have not hit this patch then trust me you will. At some point in our lives we will all come to a season of waiting. Yet it is through this waiting I know we promised a great fruit called hope. Adversity brings out character in us. And eventually we learn to hope for what we have, because the Lord God always keeps His promises. He is faithful. His love will endure and sustain us. I am writing this because I know many of you have felt this deep longing and desire desperately for it to be satisfied. I been there and am still there.

So tell me, Beloved what are you waiting for? What prayer are you waiting to be answered?

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