Transitions, Transitions

Adulting Series

Have you ever had a friend you have not seen in months and, so much has been happening that when it is time to rehash or explain, you do not know where to start?

Guess what this is exactly how I feel right now.

Currently, I am sitting in my old room, writing this blog post to explain as clearly as possible the different moves God has been making in my life and those around me. The lessons I am learning and how I am seeing settle changes in my thinking and books I am currently reading.

First, I and my family are moving. I do not mean moving across the street—I mean we’re moving out of Detroit. If anyone knows my parents and my life—I grew up in a two married Christian house hold. My parents have been married for over twenty-five years. I do not come from a wealthy or well to do background. Most of my childhood I lived on the eastside of Detroit in the hood and I am a part of the working class group. Needless to say, there has never been a time where I went to sleep, hungry, or I did not have clothes on my back.

If I had to coin my childhood with a word it would be “blessed.” Yes, the word “blessed” is over hyped and not correctly used, but I am what I am. I did not realize until I was older and reflected upon my life where I saw how we did lack money or resources. Thinking back, my father and mother did not hide our financial struggles. Instead they imparted within our spirits (my brother and ours) a gratuitous and God centered spirit. We knew, where our parents may fail, God will not.

I grew up in the eastside home for 18 years and though the house was deteriorating at an alarmingly rate. My family and I still, dream fondly about the house we left on Holcomb. Truly, a house is not a home without loving memories and warm bodies.

Fast forward to the 2000 double digits, my family began renting a house, deeper East. The house we’re transitioning from we do not consider home at all, but a temporary place holder for the real thing. We all knew was coming. My mother throughout my childhood, earnestly expressed to my father and God, her heart’s desire for a house. She prayed and cried for a new house. A house where the steps did not fall apart and walls did not crumble in the bathroom.

An actual house, she can fix up, design, a house where my brothers and I do not have to be selective about bringing friends over, due to the unsafe neighborhood or our house’s condition. So when the Holy Spirit finally led my parents to His desired home for them. They exploded with joy.

Funny thing is, most moving out and moving in transitions are usually quick and takes about a week. I don’t know why for my family, it is taking us a month, yet I know God is deeply involved. We’re still packing boxes and moving things out of our rented home and transporting belongings into our brand new house. The house is lovely and I can see the excitement brimming on my parents’ faces. For my mother, she has always wanted a house, and my father needed a place to rest his head, even more so now. My dad is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed last year, and the surgery was a success. Praise be to God for His favor. I am so happy God has blessed my parents with a new house.

Furthermore, I’ve also experienced a personal blessing. I teach at a high school and not just any, but one of the best high schools, in Detroit Michigan. After a 1 ½ years of teaching at a middle school, God answered my prayer and moved me to a different location. I couldn’t believe my ears when the principal hired me after one interview and not even meeting me face to face. I am excited and I am enjoying teaching 9th grade English. A lot of the administration and curriculum conflict I met in my former school I am not experiencing now.

Things are way more organized and designed to benefit the needs of the students. I am happy to be apart of a well efficient team.

What have I learned from this

    • There is no such thing as God’s timing: God is outside of time and space. He holds the universe together in the palm of His hand. So what is time to an eternal God? Time means nothing to God. Where human lives are dependent and attached to time, God is not bothered by our impatience and grievances. While we were waiting for a new house, God taught us sweet contentment when we had a little, so we can be thankful for when He blesses us with more.


    • New jobs are not for you: As much as I love my new job, I know it is not for me. What I am saying is, I am put into this position to be a blessing for my students, colleagues, and parents, but foremost for God. God is going to get the glory from my job. Yes, I will experience the benefits from it, but it does not mean I am the sole beneficiary of my blessing. Life is not about me.


    • Be Thankful: When God blesses you, praise Him! It is okay, to praise God and thank Him for loving you so much that He wants to make you happy (sometimes). God loves you and an extension of His life is being blessed in life.


    So what transitions are you experiencing in your life? What lessons are you learning?

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  1. In Christ I am SHE {Saved. Hopeful. Empowered.} says:

    Wow!!!!! What a testimony to God’s glory in you and your family! I have goosebumps!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

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    1. Thank you!! Praise God for His wonderful goodness!!

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