Realigning your Focus

God will get the glory out of every single one of my trials.

He is worthy to be praised.

If anyone has been following my blog and A Meeting at the Well posts, then you know I love absolutely love the Lord. He is the reason I breathe. He loves me unconditionally and I want other people to be consumed by His bottomless love for them. On my blog, I explored my Battle against Self Doubt in two separate parts, displaying my journey with my own self esteem issues, physical appearance and spiritual growth.

I am happy so many people empathized with this trial in my life, and low and behold, it is far from over. What I learned after taking a long break from social media is the negativity and the spiritual attacks will never stop, at least not on this side of eternity. Oh Beloved if you’re pursuing God with your whole heart, seeking to show people Christ on Earth, then your flesh will find opportunities to bring you down. The world’s systems will lure you away and Satan will tempt you.

Never forget the truth:

This is war.

Although, Jesus Christ defeated Satan, sin, the world all at Calvary and then resurrected with all power, we have to keep in mind. We’re not put on this Earth to live a carefree life.

We’re aliens. We’re pilgrims. This world is not our home and if you know anything about human history. Anyone deemed as the “other” becomes enemy number one. So I made peace with these truths and adopted these principles:

  • Never give naysayers the time of day: I tell my students all the time, people will always talk, no matter what your age, occupation, or status. So do not, look at them, listen to them, or give them any of your time. Jesus never gave the Pharisees an explanation, unless God permitted it in His Will. At the end of your life, the only account you will be giving is to the Lord God.
  • Character is more important than reputation: Pretend for a moment, you are caught in a scandal, yet you did everything that was morally right. You made sure not to lie, cheat, and steal, although your neighbors and opponents did. Yet, your reputation was dragged through the mud, but you can still have joy. You want to know how? Easy. Character is what God sees and throughout His Word, the Holy Spirit seeks to develop righteous character in us. Goodness, faithfulness, and kindness are fruits of the spirit that never dissipate no matter what.
  • Fight the good fight till your day comes: War is here. War has always been here. The war between the flesh nature (sin) and the redeemed spirit in the Christian. Our duty is to fight the good fight, and not become complacent in our spiritual walk.

At the end of your life, all our hearts should be glad to hear:

“well done, my good and faithful servant!”

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