Finding the Blessings in “Hard”ships

There is no incoming shortage of chaos when one enters into the threshold of adulthood. There is so much information I wish I could relay to my past, younger self.

  • That habits of picking up and cleaning up after yourself matters a lot when you’re coming home late, late in the evening.
  • Prepping meals and going grocery shopping when you have the energy, saves money and time and improves your health and skin, more than fast food.
  • Packing your belongings, the night before saves you time before driving to work and it gives you peace of mind that you did not forget anything.

I explain these things to say there is no handbook or guide for adulting (living as an adult). The more I live my life and make mistakes the more I realize every individual has leapt into the coming of age pool without properly learning how to dive off the diving block. Because in the end, there is no proper way to dive or there are no lessons to teach young people how to be adults.

The only way to get through it is literally just do it! Now I am invariably taking the rod of correction, whipping the adulthood beast to bend to my whim and yield to my will. I am master of my land and if I do not master self discipline then life will surely overwhelm me.

In recent times I arrive home in the evening. I wear a joyful attitude. For I see God uses me to be an example to my students and a source of encouragement. My home life has been banal. I either waste my time decompressing, watching mindless television or stuffing food into my face, while making adjustments in my head to tomorrow’s schedule. So I am still struggling with reclaiming my home life, the space at home to be affirming, positive, and calming.

Bad times, also known as rough seasons, I’ve also encountered, lately too. In the week of September 24th, I got into a bad car accident that Thursday. I was driving to work, stopping behind cars at an intersection to make a left—from a main street to a side street—when I was reared ended. My car smashed into the butt of the car in front of me.

I was thoroughly surprised. I did not see or feel that coming.

Ironically bad times have no schedule times. Bad times usually occur out of the blue when and where you least anticipate it. I had to pay to repair my vehicle even though I have insurance and my car was covered. I remember sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the tow truck and I quietly thanked God for His protection over me and the people who hit me. The accident could have been worse.

But guess what? Life is not going to stop. Bad times will keep coming and so will the good times. A realization my spirit uncovered was there is no set schedule for the seasons under heaven. People like to think you can only hit rough periods for so long, before life starts making it way back up to mountain.

Generally speaking, that is correct. Storms do not last forever and at some point your desert will meet civilization. After all, nothing is promised especially life itself. Thus, we are called to delight in the Lord and to find joy in our circumstances no matter what they may be. A prime example my best friend’s brother, has been battling with cancer and the week after my car accident, he passed away. It seemed as if the night grew darker and this grievous circumstance stole the air out of everyone’s lungs. We did not see this coming. We were not prepared.

My close friends and I surrounded her in our love and tenderness; this past weekend hugging her and her family at her brother’s memorial. Our arms locked around each other, our pain and tenderness enclosed with warm smiles and bittersweet tears. In between these rough periods there are moments where blessings breakthrough and reveal themselves to be worth the affliction.

I don’t have that many friends. I have less than ten but the friends I do have the Holy Spirit has purified our friendships through fiery arguments and disagreements, to loving each other for who we are not for what we want the other person to be. We all come from different backgrounds. There are more differences than similarities between us yet each difference highlights our strengths, teaching us to depend upon each other when we’re weak.

I have learned so much about myself because my friends challenged me. They challenged me when I am stubborn, refusing to see reason. They challenged me to be more understanding and listen more and I am so thankful to God that He has blessed me with such tremendous, multi faceted people.

Although I lacked a car my family also stepped in. Once again there’s God displaying His goodness and His provision to work through my family to show how much He loves me, wanting to complete a good work in me, and desiring to work His great purposes through little, ole me. God still shown His faithfulness. His commitment and devotion to me—even though I was neglecting at the time to have regular bible study and prayer. God remained faithful.

While I was and am going through my rough season work has become worse. Resources seem more scarce at the school. The copier is always breaking. Computers and projectors are not working; classes are still overenrolled but I am finding joy and laughter in the personalities and eagerness of my students. Their smiles remind me despair will not be the end of me. My God has the glory and I have the victory!

How the Lord God chooses to change my situation is up to Him. I am no longer seeking control over a situation He has never granted me the authority over in the first place. His favor over me has not wavered and I am glad to be His child.

I am blessed to be a child of God.

So I challenge you my friend, stop looking for the rough seasons end. Stop looking for the storm to stop raining, life will do as God has ordered. You be at peace and recognize what you have been blessed with and be of great cheer! We all have been blessed in magnificent ways!

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