It’s His Unfailing Love

Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.—PSALM 90:14

       To satisfy means to be filled, to be full of gratification. When I woke up this morning, I was in a far better mood than I had been this entire week; it was not because I figured out the secret formula to alleviating stress or discovered the antidote of depression and maintaining a consistent, successful life. 


It was a simple Zoom chat with friends the night before that elevated my spirit, reinvigorating my desire to seek God more diligently and the beauty of admitting “my life is not together.” I laughed several times last night, deep, unabashed laughs without any fear or worry of judgment. I was unbothered. I did not face any comments “about how I am not doing enough” or “I just need to try harder.” It was friendship. The three of us found the same spot after traversing our treacherous valleys, and now we were smoking tough game and morsels, recanting the week’s troubles as if we were roasting marshmallows at a campfire.

To this, all glory and honor go to our Heavenly Father, our Lord God who created womanhood, female companionship for this purpose. I am blessed to have great friends who genuinely care about all of me –even the parts of myself I am ashamed of and dislike. 

It is simple, casual moments like these transforming the day-to-day drudgery in the valley from trivial exchanges to expressions of God’s timely unfailing love. Yesterday, I witnessed how God’s love did not fail my friends or me; His love swooped right in, in the guise of emotionally needed rants and humanly reassurance. God’s Spirit worked in us yesterday, invisible to the eye, yet His power to connect and begin the work of mending our broken and bruised hearts was felt. 

Even if it is laughing, teasing, our appearances wore battered soldiers, yet our souls continued to beat. This week’s difficulties made sure we looked like what we felt. We admitted we were not where we wanted to be; nonetheless, I knew in my heart, this space is where we are meant to be (for now). Yes, the valley is scary, some days terrifying, for we do not always know what creatures lurk in the shadows or what challenges lie ahead. Still, moments like these transform the day’s hardships into permanent fixtures residing in our mind of God’s hand faithful upon us. These ordinary yet Spirit-led appointments remind and encourage us that this journey is worth it. 

Like I said today, I woke up far more receptive, far more eager, far more willing to listen, obey, and submit because God showed my friends and me that He remembers us. God answered our silent prayers, and now the following steps are up to us. 

    • We must search until God’s Word satisfies the longings of our souls. 

    • We must search before the flesh pounces on the opportunity, enticing us to return to our former, wicked ways. 

    • We must search until every idol, false god, and distraction are turned to ash in the blazing, glorious flames of God’s raging love for us. 

Lord, let the cups of our souls overflow with your infinite love. How deep is your love? Can I get lost down there? When the cups of our souls overflow, then from our throats, we will sing praises to how your jealous love is the end to all our soul searching. We will sing and testify how you are lovely in form, and the comfort you provide is enough to penetrate the hardest shell and thickest shroud. 

Steady us, Holy Spirit, therefore on what is truly important, all material possessions will pass away. The goal is to be satisfied in knowing Who God is, to be made whole in Jesus Christ bearing His great and holy likeness for the rest of all our days.


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