There is No Jesus in Judging Others

Judge not, that you be not judged.

Matthew 7:1

I, Tory Renee Spring refuse to be bitter about anything. 

, Tory Renee Spring refuse to judge and be critical of others. 

From time to time I have to remind myself to wear a positive, kind attitude, because looking at others through a critical lens is child’s play.

Without thinking, I can attack or shade someone’s character, pointing out their mistakes, especially if it is a person I am not particularly fond of. It is easy for me to measure a person by my measuring stick of righteousness, but how much stronger and sweeter of a human being can I be when I humble myself and recognize the fault in my own stars. I will never comprehend the measure of someone else’s pain or drink the brininess of their cup. How can I then judge someone for a dish God prepared and served only for them?  

When Jesus commands us in Matthew 7:1, “Judge not, that you be not judged,” He is instructing us to mind the food on our plate and to pay attention to the meal set before us. Instead, too many of us are examining the nutritional value of someone else’s dish, struggling to ascertain the weaknesses of their character, and trying to understand how God blessed them in this area and not us, or piece together an explanation. While we are busy deconstructing someone’s calling, questioning their character under the guise of righteousness (basically not minding our busy), we’re fencing ourselves in, dishonoring the Son of God living in us because we’re trying to do the Holy Spirit’s job.  

Oh, Beloved, do you not know? Our judgmental and critical attitudes of everyone else but ourselves makes the Lord sick. The Lord Jesus grows nauseous from our fraudulent attempts to condemn others in a pathetic attempt to make ourselves feel better or seek justice. 

If we could take a moment and take a sip from the rivers of sincerity, we’ll begin to notice how our judgmental attitudes originate from deep-seated places in our broken psyche and bruised egos. 

Roots of a Critical Judgmental Attitude 

  • Fear or fear of rejection causes many people to deflect attention from their shortcomings and failures to others.
  • A sense of low self worth sows within people’s hearts seeds of envy and contempt. Envious folks cannot celebrate the wins of others.
  • Poor self confidence, the idea if I cannot accomplish my dream or goal, then, how dare you?!
  • Lack of humility generates an over expounded sense of self ergo a superiority complex. Another persons win us competition.
  • Lack of love makes people bitter, cold, and unreceptive to the natural failings of humans and to their own. 

Can you my friend identify with this list? I know I can select one or two roots in my spirit creating a critical attitude.

As we wrongly criticize others, we are attempting to yank the cover over something we’re trying to hide. Something, we do not want others to see, which may alter their opinion of us, and honestly it is a plank in our own eye we don’t want to face. We’re yellow bellied cowards, pretending to be fierce warriors.

Speak outrightly, I know I have cowardice living in these bones, and maybe you do too. So often, we’re afraid to confront the real reasons for our lack of maturity and spiritual growth. Often, we’re so scared to admit how life and all its troubles get the better of us, and in our weakest, most private moments, we tip-top back to our coping mechanisms to stave off the pain.

So, when we see someone displaying their coping mechanisms or slumming in their sins in public, it triggers us. We criticize inwardly and outwardly: This is why their life is in disarray! She or he is always sleeping around, with no self-respect. Why can’t they fornicate in private why blast it all over social media? We mock people when they’re down. If he were more responsible with his money, then he would not struggle. What an idiot.

It is no wonder Jesus grows sick and becomes angry at us. Our inner thoughts display the absence of human compassion and tenderness towards the weakest of us. Our conscience rings hollow of the loving sacrifice which delivered us, because of how quickly we forget how we’re former or repenting beggars, idolators, adulterers, closet homosexuals, recovering addicts, etc. Be advised, my friends God’s deliverance of us will never blot out the past of our former enslavement. On the contrary, we should be compelled to shout our testimonies and to have the utmost compassion for believers and nonbelievers because we are no better or superior. 


  • I can pick at her fornication, but the Holy Spirit has called and redeemed her too.
  • I can call out his lying and cheating ways, yet God saw this before my eyes have made them know to me.

Indeed, when I judge my fellow brother or sister in the Lord based on their perceived shortcomings, I put myself on a pedestal. I set my behavior as the standard. I reveal my insecurity and deflect attention to where I have failed the Lord God. My judgment of this individual’s actions condemns me, for a judge must be righteous and a perfect upholder of the law. So, if I am guilty of breaking at least one of God’s laws, I am, too, still am a lawbreaker. 

If you take anything from reading this, I give three pieces of advice, 

  1. Mind your own business. Eat the food on your plate. Be concerned about your portion and your portion only; you have no idea what dietary plan God has another on, and it is rare God ever explains to us how He deals with another. 
  2. Stay in your lane. You are not God. There is only One God, and He is not you. You are a child of God, so stay in a child’s place. The Lord God has never needed the counsel of any human or heavenly being. 
  3. Be gracious and kind to every person you meet. We’re never in a position to refuse the mercy and grace of our Heavenly Father. So the same measure of compassion and kindness have given unto you, demonstrate it to others. Because you nor I are not perfect, and we will continually stumble and need the Lord’s forgiveness as we make our way to heaven.  

Always remember, Beloved, you represent Jesus Christ, and as someone, God is continually conforming to the image of His Son, be careful not to act in a way for anyone to hate or become resistant to His face. 

Lest that misdemeanor be on your account. 

A Meeting at the Well 2021 © All rights reserved

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