A Little about Me


How do you do, ladies and gentleman?

My name is Tory Renee Spring. First and foremost, I am deeply devoted to my Savior Jesus Christ. I accepted Him into my heart and have proceeded to live a godly life. I am an educated African American woman, raised in Detroit, Michigan.

In a peculiar season I heard God calling me, calling my name. The call was to bring people to Him, to show people the Christian life is not routine or a set code. The Christian life is an adventure. A rough, challenging life and the only way to win this race is to completely depend on Jesus Christ.

For a bit more information about me I give you the “Freshman 15.”

15 Quick Facts about Me

  1. I am a Detroit lover and supporter. I do not mean Metro Detroit either.
  2. I have a bachelor degree in English. I am an English Teacher.
  3. I have three brothers. I get picked on a lot cough it’s really me.
  4. I think lesson planning and analyzing patterns is fun.
  5. Children are my passion.
  6. People use the words “passionate” and “crazy” to describe me interchangeably.
  7. Keeping a daily blog is a challenge, especially when my job requires around the clock focus.
  8. Natural hair is beautiful. I love hair and make up too.
  9. I graduated from Michigan State University.
  10. I am lover of art and literature. I saw the play, “The Bodyguard,” recently.
  11. Current Book I’m Reading: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold; Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  12. I think I’m funny! That is all that matters, right?
  13. I am 98% silly and 2% serious. Expect memes, basically?
  14. I have a teacup yorkie named Loki.
  15. #Teamnokids