Realigning your Focus

I took a brief hiatus from my time on social for my A Meeting at the Well profile. In the time spent alone, the Holy Spirit taught me a few lessons, and helped me remember how strong I really am.

Laziness the Slow, Effective Killer

Struggling with laziness or slothfulness is an everyday battle. Laziness or slothfulness is a sin. It is the unwillingness to do what needs to be done, so to gratify our desire to please the flesh. The independent, selfish mindset screams out, “I do not feel like it. So I am not going to do it.” In spite of the Holy Spirit urging us, and jumping in the air, waving red and white flares to work. Since time is short. How destructive is laziness?

The Warning from Jesus Christ

Sometimes, I get so tired of struggling over with the same sin over and over. The Holy Spirit revealed to me through prayer, I continuously kept falling victim to temptation, because I wanted to perpetuate my sin. In my blog post, I write about the warning Jesus Christ gave to His disciples and to us. The importance of why we need to Watch and Pray.