Jesus Give Me Peace

Jesus give me peace. Okay. Lord please, I ask you put the peace that transcends all understanding into my heart. Lord don’t you hear? Hm. Unemployment, job evaluations, divorce, break ups, arguments between long time friends there are so many circumstances where we request from heaven the peace Jesus promised us here on Earth. Yet our hearts remain empty and our spirits shaking. Do you think, maybe asking for peace is not the issue we’re having. The Lord Jesus will not give us peace in a situation, if we’re not determined to keep our minds focused on Him.

Why Do Christians Need a Godly Friend?

The world says you do not need friends. Society. Twitter. Instagram is telling you to be cool and “cut people off.” But really what kind of life would you have if you had no friends? Don’t fall into the trend of not developing any friendships, look at God’s Word, and different figures of the Bible. Examine for yourself why maintaining godly friendships is crucial to your life.

Having Courage to Acquire Courage

Have you ever had a moment where you did not have the courage to face an important task? You know there was no way you could get out of this business meeting, surgery, job interview, or conference. Yet you were shaking in your shoes, wondering if God would you give the courage and strength to overcome. Will my friends, He will but it depends, will we have the courage to acquire the courage we need?

The Warning from Jesus Christ

Sometimes, I get so tired of struggling over with the same sin over and over. The Holy Spirit revealed to me through prayer, I continuously kept falling victim to temptation, because I wanted to perpetuate my sin. In my blog post, I write about the warning Jesus Christ gave to His disciples and to us. The importance of why we need to Watch and Pray.

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