Honest Girl Chronicles

Honest Girl Chronicles 

Be honest with yourself and you give other people the freedom to be honest with themselves. 

Honest Girl Chronicles is simple. Natural. It is me detailing my singlehood journey. Singlehood is not a curse. I’ll repeat it again. Singlehood is not a curse.

I know what society is saying about us how we must find our significant others because our biological clock is ticking. That if a man does not settle down in time, then his soul mate would be the one who got away and if a woman does not find her soul mate, then she would grow old and crusty.

Oh Beloved, love is not dependent on our say so, or when we think we’re ready. Love lives not by man’s timing, God is the one who determines the end of singlehood. It is okay to admit our loneliness to God He knows the innerworkings of the human heart, yet realize no matter how much we love our spouse they cannot fulfill our deepest needs.

We have a place in our hearts only Jesus can fit. He completes us eternally and internally.

The goal to singlehood is discovering completion in Jesus, not our spouse. Single hood is not easy. It is though, a season of self discovery. Single hood is where the Lord God performs some of His best work. He is the surgeon and we’re his patients lying on His operating table. To His right the Lord God has all the tools He needs at His disposal: unfavorable circumstances to strengthen heart, the word of God for our mind, loving and supportive friends and family to provide comfort that eases the pain. You see the Lord God has done this over a million times.

You are not His first patient, there have been many before you, who have had inferior complexities, broken hearts, low self esteem, and body image problems, and you know what the Lord God has changed their lives. The only thing standing between you and the success of this life changing surgery is your willingness to surrender to God’s hands. Beloved what’s holding you back? The Lord has never lost a patient who has completely surrendered themselves to His care. This isn’t about the fear of going under, it’s about your lack of trust.

Oh love trust in the Lord He knows what He is doing.

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