Words are Free

Your language is a reflection of who you are. Your words, comments, and conversastions reveals what kind of people we are and what we value. Does your words validate your state as a child of God? Or does it make you look like a hypocrite?

The Battle Against Self Doubt Pt. 1

I have been on this road a long time. I know many people were expecting some form of a glow up from me, but God had other plans. Let me tell you, I been on the mountaintop facing God’s presence to walking for years in the darkest valleys. Self doubt has plagued my steps and for a while I completely stopped writing, dreaming, drawing and everything I loved, because I believed in lies, rather than seeing the power and beauty lying within. Inspire them! Tell them! Show them! I rather write to you my journey in creating A Meeting at the Well and my growth, than show off, don’t you think its time for you to overcome self doubt as well?

Bogged Down

Sometimes, asking God for forgiveness of our sins is not enough. It hurts so much, when we confess our sins and we do not feel the forgiveness. However, is it conviction of the Holy Spirit we’re experiencing or condemnation from the devil? As Christians, once we confess and repent, then God’s forgiveness is permanent. Absorb the principle.